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Are you looking to set down your emotional baggage? 

Do you want to resolve energy imbalances that may be at the root cause of what is ailing you? 

Interested in protecting yourself from the unwanted negative imbalanced energy around you? 

Perhaps you are looking for better self care tools and to get toxic products out of your life?

Come on a Journey with Me.


Emotion Code

Body Code

Energy Healing

I am a certified Emotion Code Body Code practitioner.  I can find and release trapped emotions and other energy imbalances in your body. Starting with emotion code, we release emotional baggage that may be holding you back.  We go deeper with body code, allowing your body to reveal for correction the energy imbalances and additional support you need for healing.  Can be performed in person or at a distance.

Full written report included.

Session Price $99 to book

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Are you Psychic



There are 11 different ways that you may be psychic, and everyone is strong in at least one of these ways.  Have you ever wondered how psychic you are?  Let me ready your energy and fill you in! This reading offers insight into many of the experiences you’ve had in your life but can’t quite explain.  Knowing where you are receiving psychic information from can help you learn how to trust yourself more and protect yourself better from unwanted experiences. Can be performed in person or at a distance.

Full written report included.

Are You Psychic Reading $33

Contact me to schedule

Home and


energy clearing

 Are you struggling with a home that just doesn’t feel good to be in?  Do you have difficulties with entites or unexplained phenomena?  Are there negative or harmful energies affecting your home and property?  Get them all cleared out.  Comprehensive energy clearing of your home and property including removal of negative emotional reverberations, clearing of entities, closing of portals, healing of vortexes, releasing of pathogenic and polluting energies and more.  I never know what we’ll find!

Full written report included.

Property Clearing $222

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and Doterra

Essential oils

I am also a certified aromatherapist!       I have learned how to use essential oils for self care and wellness, and how to reduce toxic chemicals in self care and cleaning.  I specifically use and recommend DoTerra essential oils for potency and purity.  I can assist you in the use of various essential oils to support your wellness on physical and emotional levels.

Learn more about Doterra click here

Aromatherapy Consult $22

iTovi BioScans $11

Free consultation for new DoTerra Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates


EMF Protection

Energy Tools

Orgonite creations, aside from being major eye candy, are highly sought after devices known for their ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy, and bringing balance to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is like a filter for toxic energy in our environment such as emf radiation that organizes the harmful spiky disorganized energy which potentially harms cells into smooth beneficial energy where cells can thrive without interference.  Many report improved sleep, reduced discomfort, less stress, better energy, and more!

Purchase Online Here




Are you interested in a custom orgonite creation?  Don’t see what you’re looking for listed on my website?

Perhaps you would like a giant whole house pyramid?  Or a custom rose or lotus?  Or a memorial piece in honor of a loved one that is lost? 

I can help with nearly any custom creation that you would like. 

Samples of my work are available at my website by clicking here

Please email me at

or call 217-308-2191

to set up a custom orgonite creation!

Group Reading


 Are you hosting a party and looking for an interesting activity that will entertain, enlighten and heal your guests? 

Schedule a Group Reading event!

I can do Emotion Code Body Code releasing, Are You Psychic readings, Angel Oracle Card readings, Crystal Card Readings, Essential Oil Parties, Intuitive Writing Exercises and more.

Discounted rates based on the number of people receiving services.

Host reading is free

Free orgonite gift for all participants.

Antiviral essential oils diffused through event for safe and lovely environment!

Contact me to schedule!

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 I have chosen to call my store and website, Phoenix Healing, stemming from my own journey to improve my self and find healing along the way. It is my hope that you will find something useful here to help you on your journey as well.

I am continually working on developing my divine gifts to help myself heal and live up to my potential, and to be of service to others in helping them achieve greater peace and wellness in their own lives. My mission is to help every person I can, in as many ways as I can, as long as I can until God calls me home.



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